What Would You Do Without Fear?

If I were not afraid, I would get up in front of a crowd of people, play my guitar and sing without abandon. I would be vulnerable and embrace my imperfections wholeheartedly… even if I completely bombed. Without fear, I would not allow myself to be terrified of public embarrassment and failure.

I would stop overscheduling and allow time to simply BE. I would give myself permission to relax and know that my worth is not based on how busy I am. I would allow people to witness my relative laziness and understand that it is okay to relax and be non-productive; something that I struggle to let people see.

I would stop limiting what I do based on financial security. Yes, money is important and we need it to eat and be sheltered, but what a luxury it would be to not let it define who I am and what I do.

I would drop everything and travel more. I would see as much of the world as possible. I am most at peace and connected to myself when I spend time in the ocean, hike and explore. Freedom of travel would take me closer to me.

And while I love trying new things, it would take a whole lot of courage to learn how to skateboard at nearly 37-years-old. This is a skill I have secretly coveted for years, but I have always been too scared to risk getting hurt.

None of my fears are particularly dangerous (well, perhaps outside of learning to skateboard), yet, they are quite real and impact the decisions I make every day. Having the courage to shed fear would be liberating and make space for growth. Living without these burdens would create opportunities to do more to feed my soul, while letting go of the things that keep me held down.

Without fear, I would live more.

As we move to the end of this year and towards the next, I am inspired to work on conquering all of these fears. But… instead of overscheduling myself right out of the gate, I will select a single fear to eliminate and become aware of its impacts on my daily life. While I am tempted to tackle skateboarding, I will table that one for now. I believe I will start with a public performance. I am not sure when and where this will take place just yet, but please help hold me accountable for this. I mean it. I know I will need just a little push in the right direction.

I now turn this question on each of you: What would you do if you were not afraid?

Take some time out of your day. Go for a walk or sit in a quiet room, and really think about what you would do if you lived without fear. Make a list of these things. Actually write them down— this makes it real. Consider what these apprehensions have in common and what makes them each unique. Reflect on how each of them defines you, and what — if anything — you could do to live with even just a little less fear.

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