Special Events

Mindful Tutoring

One-on-one sessions support your child’s academic success while teaching stress management techniques. Customized based on each student’s needs, sessions will include breathwork, journaling, relaxation and scholastic support.

Yoga Birthday Parties (Ages 1-101) 

Whether young or more experienced in life, incorporating yoga into your celebration is a wonderful way to connect, relax and have fun. Children’s celebrations take them on imaginary journeys to their favorite places through poses, games, partner poses, crafts and stories. Adults can benefit as well through a session including postures, breathwork and meditation. Schedule a session to celebrate mindfully.

Bridal Sessions

What a better way to relax than to experience a personalized yoga session the morning of your wedding. Sessions can be customized as couple sessions for the bride and groom any time prior to the wedding or for the bridal party- weeks out as a way to connect- or the morning of the wedding- before the wedding festivities begin.

Girl Scout/Boy Scout Meetings & Youth Group Lock-ins 

Yoga is fun and healthy for boys and girls of all ages. It is more than moving into complex poses. It is about living mindfully, happily, peacefully. Schedule the opportunity to introduce the Science of Yoga to your scout troop or church group.

Educational Offerings

Bringing mindfulness in your classroom or school can positively impact individuals, the culture of your building and the well-being of your educators.

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