Class Descriptions & Pricing


Classes focus on moving mindfully through a variety of seated, lying and standing poses and bring balance, strength and calmness to mind and body. Students should be comfortable bearing weight in the hands and knees.


Classes include series of poses linked together by breath. Students stretch and strengthen the body as they explore sun salutation variations, backbends, twists, balance poses, introductory inversions and arm balances. Prior yoga experience and familiarity with basic poses is recommended.


Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for expectant mothers. Through a variety of yoga postures linked to the breath, you will bring awareness to your mind and body and strengthen the connection to your baby. Poses will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, exercise the spine and help create comfort in your changing body. Meet and connect with other expectant mothers in this safe, open community. Class held only in Beverly.


These classes include very gentle practices involving the use of props to allow the body to feel totally supported and to allow the body to relax and release. Class held only in Beverly.

Yoga for Kids

Children’s yoga classes provide time for little ones to explore breath work, individual and partner poses, art, games, story time and relaxation. Through play kids learn to bring awareness to their bodies and minds in a fun and interactive way and explore tools to improve focus, manage emotions, relieve stress and become happier and kinder individuals. Classes are customized for different age groups and specialized groups.

1st Saturday: Yoga for Kids Ages 6-11
2nd Saturday: Yoga for Kids Ages 2-5
3rd Saturday: Yoga for Kids on the Spectrum (ages 4 and up)
4th Saturday: Yoga for Kids with ADD/ADHD & Anxiety (ages 7 and up)

Schedule Information

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Pricing Information

Homewood Location

$15 for a single drop-in class
$70 for a 5-class package
$130 for a 10-class package
$10 for a kids’ class/ $15 day of drop-in

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