Kindness Matters

Kindness makes a difference, but quite often we never know the impact that one small act may have on someone else. How can a gift brighten someone’s outlook on life. What does that thank you card do to impact a friend’s day? How far do your kind words take a child in accomplishing a goal? If you really stop to think about it, it is not often that we get to find out how our small acts of kindness can alter someone’s day or even outlook on life.  

A Gift

Following the holiday season, I found myself with a beautiful kit to grow a potted amaryllis. Since I live in a condo with limited lighting on the balcony, cultivating this plant would be tricky at best. As I contemplated what to do with it, I thought that this flower would best serve someone else who might need a little extra light in her life. At that moment, I knew exactly who to share it with. I wrapped it up in some tissue paper and tucked it into a decorative gift bag with a bow. I sent it along with my husband to work and for me, the act of kindness stopped there…x

A few weeks passed, and I received the most beautifully worded thank you card from the recipient. According to the card, the amaryllis came at a time that was not easy for the receiver of the gift. The flower was a reminder that someone cared and was thinking of her.

A Thank You

This week, I received a card in the mail from a friend. It was a thank you for a friendship that has been growing over the last two years. This card arrived at the end of a very challenging week when I was feeling saddened and overwhelmed. I hadn’t shared my struggles with this friend, yet, she took time to stop and share her feelings. When I read it, it brought me to happy tears. It was a reminder of how even though I am not perfect, I have an impact over the people that I interact with. It was a symbol of how kindness can make an impact on both parties in a relationship.

A Supportive Word

For several years, I have worked one-on-one with children who struggle with focus and organization. For many, the impact of these struggles discount their intelligence and self-worth. This week, one of the young people that I work with made the honor roll at school for the first time in what has been a particularly challenging school year. In a collaborative effort with a loving family and school support staff, this young person started to believe that he is smart and capable. By simply being present and reminding him that he is innovative and intelligent, he began to believe what all of us already knew.


I don’t share these brief stories to toot my own horn or paint a picture of perfection. Instead I share them as a reminder that kindness is powerful. What we do and how we treat others matters, quite often, more than we know.  


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