About Me

The light and love that is me… recognizes, honors and bows to the light and love that is each of you.

A turn of phrase I’ve ended my classes with for so long, I can’t honestly recall the first time those words came together. But it doesn’t matter. The sentiment that I communicate out to my students comes as a result of a powerful journey that started solely because I wanted to work out without sweating!

For many, yoga can seem like a daunting, cliquish activity of devoutly flexible folks — all bending to complex-sounding poses like Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. But after more than 4,000 hours of teaching the practice, let me say that yoga simply isn’t that.

Yoga is more than exercise, mantras or an excuse to wear comfortable pants. I’ve come to learn it is a set of tools that bring wellness to the body and mind. And over time, my students and I come to understand the transformational power of the practice. It’s how I’ve taken my naturally “Type-A+” personality and have seen it relax it into what I’ve happily dubbed “Just a Regular Type A”. See? Progress.

With the founding of Serendipity Yoga and Wellness I sought to create a safe, welcoming and accepting space for all students. All ages. All shapes and sizes. All backgrounds — be they sedentary or athletic. I teach carefully planned classes that are built specifically around my students; ensuring all poses in a class are delivered clearly and concisely with suggested augmentation to ensure everyone gets the most out of each session they attend.

As an instructor, I specialize in Vinyasa/Flow (a more athletic, breath fused with movement practice), Hatha (a gentler practice centered around slower movement and alignment), and Yoga for Kids (including children with ADHD and those who are on the spectrum). I am Rainbow Kids Yoga certified, a Reiki master and a trainer of yoga teachers. I have also trained in Chair Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Universal Yoga and physical and energetic anatomy.

Outside of the yoga classroom, I am a loving wife, cat-mom, sister and aunt. I’m an outdoorsy-empath with a touch of wanderlust — with guitar on my back and book in hand. I am a certified K-9 Elementary School educator with a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction and English as a Second Language. All that, and I’ll even admit that I have practiced yoga… and did sweat.

With a warm and open heart, I yearn to create a safe and welcoming space where each person’s yoga experience is allowed to grow and thrive. With that in mind, as I began this, so too will I end:


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